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Equipped with:

Control panel with independent Industrial Computer and 21″ Monitor, software package with optimization program developed in a multitasking system with 250 parametric pre constructed shapes, user graphic interface for managing the cutting cycle and machine monitoring, pneumatic tilting arms for loading and unloading glass, air cushion blower system for the movement of the glass sheet on the felt surface, double zero for scoring laminated glass, safety system according to local laws, handbook in English.


We have developed a new concept of building machines, every single part of the machine is designed with 3D CAD technology, processed by CAD CAM and machined with a CNC Working Center.

This innovative system is the only one that can guarantee perfect uniformity and constant quality of all the machines that are being built and every single part of the machine can be easy replaced if needed, even the felt table surface.

The machines assembly is divided into specific steps, controlled by a management software, which supports and guides our technicians during the various stages of assembly, the following pictures is an example of the assembly steps:

Sliding system:

The sliding system of the bridge are made with a pinion-rack system. The racks and the pinions are tempered and refaced. They have a ± 0.02 mm tolerance with 1.20 MT (47.24 in) length. The teeth om the racks are turned towards low. One pinion is placed on the two sides of the bridge, to keep always perpendicular the bridge to the cutting table during the acceleration and deceleration phases.
On both sides of the table is applied one linear guide and one rack, to obtain a overall bridge stability during the cutting cycle.

Arms for load and unload sheets of glass:

Loading system with pneumatic cylinder movement.
Loading bar has a special new innovative tilting system that is able to load the glass sheet in one movement, after loading, the machine is ready to start cutting with 3 laser point research without manual operation. Significantly shortening the loading times by improving hourly production and working comfort.

Cutting bridge:

The cutting bridge is made in rigid steel. The whole system is very stable and insensitive to temperature changes, assuring minimum wear and tear.
The cut trolley is made in aluminum. The cutting head is made with special machines with hundredth tolerances. The up and down system of the cutting head is guided by a system with re-circulation of ball-bearings, to reduce the friction as much as possible and guarantee the cutting head response to glass scoring.

Cutting pressure system:

The cutting head is equipped with a unique dual management system for cutting pressure. If the automatic proportional valve doesn’t work properly, it is possible to switch to manual mode simply by rotating the appropriate switch, from Auto to Manual and continue cutting.

Glass sheet squaring:

The alignment of glass sheet is automatic through laser 3Directions.
The work surface is made with very hard wood, covered with woolen felt with high density and compactness, 4 mm thick (0.157 in).

Laser scanning (Optional Included):

Laser system for shapes scanning any type of material, with a smart unique software for fast shape scanning.

Tecnical data

Max. workable glass sheet mm. 2600×1850.
Workable thickness From 2mm to 19 mm (0.079 in. to 0.748 in). Machine can cut every kind of glass (except tempered)

Safety of glass presence:
A sensor is placed on the cutting head, to stop the machine in case of lack of glass sheets.

Management of mechanisms:
Immediate and controlled breaking of the bridge and the cutting head, as soon as an emergency occurs.

Weight Kg. 1600

Work surface height:
Adjustable from 890mm to 960 mm (34.65 to 38.19 in)

Maximum installed power: Kw 8

Maximum speed of the bridge and cutting head: 180 m/min
Max. acceleration: 0.6 sec. from 0 to max. speed
Max. deceleration: 0.6 sec. From max. speed to 0

Max. difference in length between two diagonals for an area bigger than 2mq (21.528 sq.ft.) (glass 3 mm thick) (1.118 in.) +/-0.20 mm (0.0196 in)

Recti linearity tolerance (glass 3 mm thick) (1.118 in.) +/- 0.15 mm (straight cutting) +/-0.20 mm ( shape cutting).



Brandon Michalak

We have a Vetromac CNC machine and we love it. We have had one of their machines in our shop for the last 3 – 4 years in our plant. They have been so helpful with everything. If there is a technical question they are quick to respond. I am so appreciative to have the team of Vetromac to call on when I need them. I would not hesitate to purchase another machine from them when that time comes up in the future. Thank you for always being there for us!

Stacy Marik

We have been impressed with the excellent service and quick response time for our Vetromac cutting system. The system integrated smoothly with our production software and replacing our previous cutting system with the Vetromac has significantly improved our cutting time of coated glass with the edge deletion. Vetromac also offers many add-ons that will allow us to expand our future product offerings without the large capital expenditure of an entirely new system.

The Vetromac Team produces a great cutting table at a competitive price with the best warranty in the industry.  They really understand the essence of time and not only delivered the table by air but their continued service was the most important factor during my purchasing decision.  When or if my company is to graduate into another cutting table or a larger facility, I will have no reservations as to who I will partner with, Vetromac.

Mark Flowers

This is the first automatic cutting table we have purchased; it is so easy to use and gives such brilliant results that we now wonder how we managed without it. The only problem we have encountered is one which was due to operator error; Vetromac were brilliant at talking us through where we had gone wrong and the problem was solved in a matter of minutes. We have no hesitation in recommending the company and their products.

We have been operating a glass processing plant with a glass cutting table from Vetromac for the last 3 years and are very happy with the performance of the machine. The user interface is very easy to navigate and takes very little time to understand. The machine is robust and precise. It is a quality machine that we would recommend to other glass processors. To back up the product, Vetromac provides excellent after sales service.